Interesting service issues of recent with the same resolution. We have assisted with three service calls, in the past few months, that had dip switch setting issues. Elementary right! Well not so. All the dip switches were actually set correctly, BUT after intense trouble shooting and in-depth studying, it was found that one of the dip switch positions Was Not all the way to the right. It appears that the on state of the dip switches is not 90% to the right, but 100% to the right. Now here is the clincher! The panel had been working properly for years. Seems that the switch was riding just barely in the on state and tipped to the off position. In studying the positions, the switch of issue was visibly not in the full to-the-right position. In learning from this experience, it's a good idea to cycle your "on" dip switches off then back on (100% on). I would imagine this to stand true with any panel you may be working with. Just passing it on.